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March 27, 2010


Karri Meleo

Thinking of you very very often.

It is very generous of you to share your journey this way. It reminds me you "watching" my family go to the inaguration through facebook...which helped revive our friendship and training relationship.

We are the "people of the future" we read about as kids and fortunate to be so. As much as your grandmaster inspires you, you Moons who go to train with your hearts open inspire those on many continents--through this blend of "old" and "new" that you have embraced.


Kim, thank you so much for keeping us updated on the group's doings in China. I've felt shy to leave comments but have been reading daily and have been in quiet awe of your experiences. I am deeply grateful for what you've shared... thank you.

I know there is so much in store and am so glad to have this chance to read about the adventure and indeed privilege, as was mentioned earlier, that is this trip. Again, thank you. What a treasure to be able to read this blog and to know such amazing people.

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